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Confidentiality Agreement template

Adapting the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form to similar situations

It is relatively common across the several different business areas to adopt a particular Non-Disclosure Agreement Form, previously applied to a certain and specific situation, for another similar or even different case also requiring a non-disclosure agreement.

Nothing could be more wrong given the several risks directly related to this procedure.
Firstly, each given situation deserves unique and personalized consideration since, as much as the situation may seem to be similar, it might not be exactly what you think. Even worse, but with equally risky outcomes, is the case of undoubtedly facing different situations and even so considering that the previous non-disclosure agreement can be re-used.

On the other hand, you might think you are capable of introducing changes to a few clauses or add details to the previous agreement on your own so as to adapt it to the new situation. Well, this procedure is also risky because, unless you possess the legal know-how, you could be jeopardizing the coherence, consistency and sequence of the confidentiality agreement, thereby creating contradictions with no end in sight. It could therefore easily be understood that this situation is explosive and a sure source of problems.

Red Horse-NDA provides you with the possibility to very easily purchase and download a complete and multifaceted non-disclosure contract that will certainly suit your needs. Therefore, you will not need to change whatever is provided for in the agreement.


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