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Confidentiality Agreements

Red Horse-NDA - have the right horse by your side.
You have certainly already heard of the Trojan horse. Well, without any exaggerated or misplaced comparisons intended, we can always point out that there are many Trojan horses in this world of ideas and projects. Competition, just like any virus or invading agent, is always on the lookout for a sign of weakness or distraction with a view to invade their purposes and achieve the predestined success. 
How should we avoid these authentic Trojan horses? Well, to do so, all you need is a confidentiality agreement that Red Horse-NDA offers at your disposal, therefore betting on the right horse, that is, on the instrument that will guarantee that your project does not fail because your idea was copied with the advantage that, unlike horse races and gambling, this is a solid and safe step towards success.


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