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Agreement Non Disclosure

Main areas which Non-Disclosure Agreements apply to
Non-Disclosure Agreements generally apply to areas such as sales or transactions in which, for example, one party sells to another company or part of it and it is essential for the purchaser (in this case, the Receiving party) to check the accounting books of the former.
Non-Disclosure Agreements also apply to areas related to invention patents in which, during the manufacturing process of a given product, one of the parties discloses the final idea to the other party contributing to the process.
Non-Disclosure Agreements are also designed for areas where an employee develops an activity for a certain employer that necessarily implies information about given issues that should be protected from being disclosed to third parties.
Non-Disclosure Agreements can also apply to the field of arts where, for example, recording a CD implies information about a given song that must be treated as confidential. In addition, there are other more specific areas where, in fact, protecting confidential information may also apply.
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