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Non Disclosure Agreement form

Term of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

In a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):
The underlying liabilities shall endure until whenever the parties wish so. In other words, the term of a non-disclosure agreement should last for as long as required to protect confidential information and this should be stipulated in the agreement...      
Otherwise, if not mentioned in the non-disclosure agreement, the liabilities cease as soon as the agreement expires. Any mention not expressly covered in the agreement cannot be claimed afterwards.

Thus, the parties will no longer be legally bound to a confidentiality agreement when the ratified agreement reaches the limit date in which it is supposed to end. The term of a confidentiality agreement can also cease when both parties withdraw or in any other way terminate the non-disclosure agreement template. Another way to no longer be under a non-disclosure contract is by requesting this to the other party and the latter accepting. In this case, if it is a Red Horse-NDA confidentiality agreement form, such changes to the agreement will necessarily have to be in writing, once again, for security reasons concerning both parties.

In short, a non-disclosure agreement basically ceases by three different ways. When the stipulated date of effect expires, in this case, there is no need to write or present anything. Whenever the parties terminate an agreement for any reason, necessarily in writing, and if one of the parties requests an amendment to the non-disclosure contract so as to withdraw from the scope of the agreement, in this case, including a new agreement in writing for the other party to expressly accept and sign the amendment.


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