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Non Disclosure Agreement example

The language used in non-disclosure agreement forms
How many times have you come across elaborate, extensive, intricate and extremely expensive or costly contracts for those requesting them? 
Certainly many times and they are not always what is intended.
Firstly, because you do not want that contract to have such a high price that it eventually becomes unaffordable and, therefore, too expensive to purchase.
Then, just because it is extensive does not necessarily mean it is ideal or that there is a direct correspondence with the fact that it must be complete. 
Finally, because the non-disclosure agreement could effectively be elaborate but contain such complex and indecipherable language that it eventually becomes unintelligible.
Therefore, there is nothing like resorting to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) like the Red Horse-NDA because this guarantees that everything will be perceptive. Even so, in case of any doubt, there is nothing like referring to the FAQs provided by Red Horse-NDA or consulting a Lawyer in order to answer your questions.


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