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Non Disclosure Agreement sample

Learn more about the Red Horse-NDA confidentiality agreement

Resorting to a team of lawyers, Red Horse-NDA drew up a non-disclosure agreement in English, mainly based on Anglo-Saxon needs and philosophies.
      In parallel, you will also find that in the non-disclosure agreement form there is another language that merely consists in the translation of the English non-disclosure agreement, if required. Thus, all mentions in English are immediately followed by their corresponding translation into one of the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Turkish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.

In this non-disclosure agreement template, you will be prompted to enter the personal identification data of the involved parties. Then, the agreement specifies what is to be protected from being disclosed to the public and how this is done, including which steps are to be taken and how to penalize breaching parties.

At the end of this clause, some general rules are stipulated, such as, for example, the jurisdiction for any eventual conflicts and how signatures are validated.

The non-disclosure agreement form ends with the signature of the intervening parties, duly identified and within the respective spaces.


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