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Non Disclosure Agreement template

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and safety at work


No, we are not talking about labour issues nor are we referring to the measures that should be adopted so as to have employees at your service, or even the applicable legal requirements regarding the facilities of any company.


We refer to a "piece of paper" called Confidentiality Agreement that has little or nothing to do with the above. This document, simple but effective and elementary but elaborate, is a self-defence weapon that does not depend on employees, since it might not even be related to production or companies, and does not depend on facilities, since it could refer to an idea and not to a country, flag or language.      


It is a tool providing total security in your business whatever the nature may be. We even dare say that it is one of the essential elements in creating, producing or marketing an idea, if not the most important. 

In the wake of this need, the Red Horse-NDA helps you by providing a confidentiality agreement that is already complete for a symbolic amount, which allows you to completely focus on your idea or project. 




Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement now!