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Red Horse-NDA, by means of a team of lawyers, presents a non-disclosure agreement template in 9 languages with the possibility of adding language pairs, such as, for example, a non-disclosure agreement in English and Japanese.
However, since there are many other languages besides the nine proposed, Red Horse-NDA established partnerships with AP|PORTUGAL to take care of any translation issues, given that Red Horse-NDA does not operate in that field.
In turn, AP|PORTUGAL – Languages Services is a translation company that aims to provide translation, interpretation, transcription and subtitling services. The company's mission is to be a reliable partner for all corporate bodies and individuals who need language services.
For all purposes, and always with the aim of helping you with any issue related to your non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the following email address is at your disposal and you can certainly expect a reply: support@redhorse-nda.com

Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement now!