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Non Disclosure Agreement forms

Remember to include the applicable jurisdiction in the non-disclosure agreement form.

In general, the confidentiality agreement should contain a reference to the applicable jurisdiction or venue.

Ever wondered about proposing a non-disclosure agreement to an entity from a far-away country and then, in the event of a conflict, having to initiate legal proceedings in that country instead of your own?

Well, this could actually happen if you don't include issues related to the applicable jurisdiction or law by which the contract is ruled in the non-disclosure agreement form.
      Red Horse-NDA has already included everything you need to see protected regarding these issues in its non-disclosure agreement form so that, when downloading the non-disclosure agreement template, you will already have a complete contract in relation to this.

Some people let themselves get carried away by the trust and good relations with their partners, but you never know about tomorrow. On the other hand, your partner may eventually breach the non-disclosure agreement without even realizing it, and therefore without guilt, and then you will be facing a situation of conflict that must be solved.


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