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Lawyers and non-disclosure agreements

Lawyers and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
When should I consult a Lawyer regarding non-disclosure agreements?
A Lawyer is essential to draw up the non-disclosure agreement form and during its term. In other words, a Lawyer is useful to provide all the details and answer your questions regarding the term of the agreement or any breaches to the agreement.

Lawyers are therefore useful elements in both occasions in the life of a non-disclosure agreement. First, when signing the non-disclosure contract, in order to ensure that everything is according to the law and that there are no contradictions or inconsistencies in the contract, and even to give a full explanation of its contents to the proposing party.
Then, in a second instant, in case of any doubts as regards the application or enforcement of the non-disclosure agreement form. This is the case of suspected breach of contract and if it is necessary to file a lawsuit based on the effective breach of confidentiality stipulated by contract.


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