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What is a Red Horse-NDA all about?

What is a Red Horse-NDA all about?

A confidentiality agreement, also known as Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), is a legal contract that defends the rights of a particular individual or private or public company, in situations where some of the confidential information relating to transactions, projects, products, services, ideas or information must be disclosed to another party in the ordinary course of business.
This confidentiality agreement can be unilateral, bilateral or even multilateral depending on the number of parties covered by the agreement protecting multiple interests from being disclosed to third parties.
With the Confidentiality Agreement, this information is kept secret and protected from being disclosed to third parties to the business and may even provide for heavy penalties to truants. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this preventive nature of the non-disclosure contract is sufficient to avoid any kind of confidentiality breach.
"Red Horse-NDA is a service that was designed with the express and specialized aim to provide everyone with a non-disclosure agreement form."

In fact, considering market growth, Red Horse-NDA felt the need to provide a legal tool as complete as possible, thus developing a contract through a team of lawyers in order to protect the projects covered by the agreement in a safe and unbreakable manner.

The business universe is an extremely competitive field, therefore every detail is important to ensure a perfect and successful relationship with your business partners, always essential for the success of your projects.


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