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Bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement

Bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) always!

A bilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can take place when both parties have information, ideas, projects, businesses, products or services they want to see protected from being disclosed to third parties. Thus, both parties are simultaneously Disclosing and Receiving parties, both with rights and duties as regards the protection of certain data. The commitment is mutual, even though the agreement may cover different issues from one party to another. For example, whereas one of the parties wants to protect the development of a particular idea, still in project implementation, from being disclosed to the general public, the other party engaged in developing the same idea in a given context also wants to protect the computer programme it uses from being disclosed to third parties. In this type or similar cases, Red Horse-NDA, offering the possibility of obtaining a non-disclosure agreement template with a simple download, recommends a bilateral non-disclosure agreement always.

Bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) never!

A bilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will hardly take place when only one of the parties in the process or partnership is the one with the information, idea, project, business, product or service to be protected from being disclosed to third parties. Only one of the parties is considered the Disclosing party and the other, therefore, the Receiving party. In these cases, all duties related to the protection of confidential information are clearly on the side of the Receiving party and the Disclosing party will have to control the behaviour of the other party. For example, one of the parties discloses to the other party the development of an idea which, for the time being, they want to protect from being disclosed to the general public. The latter is only responsible for developing that idea in contact with the former, therefore, with no need on their part to request any confidentiality with respect to their work. Thus, in these cases, Red Horse-NDA designed a non-disclosure agreement form that can be obtained through a simple download. In these circumstances, we say a bilateral non-disclosure agreement never.


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