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Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Procedures for signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

In this case, consulting a lawyer is essential because only they have the legal know-how to prepare one. Then, in addition to carefully reading the non-disclosure agreement form, make sure that all parties carry personal identification in order to avoid fraude.
      In fact, there are some important tips to avoid some tricks that someone may pull to deceive you. Regardless of the fact that you trust your partners, it is never enough to be too careful.
For instance, if the non-disclosure contract was prepared separately by the parties and sent in advance via email, for example, when signing it, it is important to ensure that the confidentiality agreement you are about to sign is the same as the one that was sent by email (or any other means).

Also check at this time if the parties have personal identification documents with them and, if they are company representatives, if they carry proof of the respective positions.

It is important to underline once again the idea that the non-disclosure agreement should be drafted by a lawyer, similar to how Red Horse-NDA draws up non-disclosure agreements through a team of lawyers.


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