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Confidentiality agreement for whom?

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for whom?
Any individual or company, private or public, may propose a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). To do so, you just need to have confidential information, a project or business secret that is not protected from being disclosed to the general public during a certain period of time.

Indeed, this type of contract can be used by ordinary citizens on an individual and isolated basis. The fact that there is a need for such confidentiality agreements is not limited to or identified by the person proposing the agreement. It can also be subscribed by a legal person, usually a company. Whether small, medium or large is irrelevant.

The entity that proposes a non-disclosure agreement can also be a public company, a joint venture or a privately-owned company. Once again, the type of company (for example, limited liability or limited, etc.) is completely irrelevant. Basically, you should have legal capacity, which in most cases is being at least 18 years old or younger but represented by someone of legal age.


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